Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our first Blog

Welcome to our blog. This is our first blog since we need a space to share our thoughts and inspiration to other people.we are a couple who have many differences but found it to be the reason why we ended up together and in love.
I am a girl who loves art and making handmade crafts. I can spend all day working on handmade art things. while Liem is a good teacher. He loves studying, business, and enjoying academic stuffs. He is a good teacher and a good student also.
Here we are sharing our thoughts and inspiration in life and we do hope that it can brings something good for other people.

Friday, June 29, 2012

vintage turtle

The other day on our weekend gateway, Liem randomly suggested we go to local antique market mall and browse around.  Sweetest.  These are the goodies I found.  The cool vintage turtle which is in my opinion is super cute! It has 4.5 inch long and will be perfect to be placed in the living room. Thank you Liem for the fun random outing. we still have other vintage finds and I will post the picture soon.