Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bohemian holiday

dear all....

finally It's holiday in Indonesia because we have Ramadhan and for some of us it means time for going crazy. For me, nothing better than to stay at home at holiday. some people don't get it and keep asking me what is my plan for holiday. I said I want nothing except stay at my cozy home, making jewelry, read novel, listen to my music, and watching movie. This is a perfect holiday for me. I don't want to go to anywhere since the traffic is horrible because everybody want to go out... and that's not holiday!!!  

Sometimes I like a quiet beach and you can't have it on holiday, so I will go when nobody realize it. If I stay on the beach I would totally enjoy the sand, the water, and the sun (but not too much coz I'm allergic to the sun). we will be picnic on the beach and it will be a bohemian picnic for sure. And we will stay there all day. it is something that you can't do if the beach is full of people. 

here are some ideas for a bohemian picnic that can be an inspiration for you.


We also can have a picnic in a quiet park or lake.

have a great holiday everyone!!

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