Thursday, September 27, 2012


hi there,

it is now 8 PM and I am sitting alone in my room blogging and then start thinking about life. It is so funny when sometimes we find that our life is so simple but sometimes we find it so hard until we think we will never get through it.. but, when we pass the problem and think about it we still can't believe that we can overcome it.

I don't know about you but a little prayer always help me overcome many problems. I am not a religious woman. I never go to church or memorizing bible. I don't believe that one religion can take you to heaven, it depend on you not your religion. I do believe in God, good spirit, karma, and I respect other people and their believe. I adore nature, I love animal, and I respect universe. 

In my hard times I have favorite prayer that can give me e new spirit, It is beautiful...


New listing on September

Hi there..
life has been so busy. I have to force myself working on the design, marketing, and also many things to run this business.. but overall.. it is fun!!!
To give you a shop update I will post some of the items here... or you can just visit LIEMIRA SHOP
All of my jewelry are special because I only make it once..

all items are One of a Kind but if you want to make something really really special you can email me and make something you want...


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Liemira Giveaway "September"

hi there,
I can't wait to announce our new program: Liemira Giveaway!!

One lucky reader will win
a One of A Kind Liemira jewelry 

So here are the Rules of the Game:

1. Follow Our blog 

2. Like us on FB Page  >>>>>> Liemira FB Page

3. visit our shop on >>>>> FB or Etsy

4. share your favorite item on twitter, facebook, or blog (please leave links if you do share, and please leave your email address in case you are the winner!) just let me know what you did in your comment below this post.

5. We will choose the winner in the end of September.

6. We will wrapped the jewelry and send it to your home. Free shipping cost for those who stay in US, Australia, and Asia.

7. After you received the necklace please take a picture of you wearing it and I will post it on my blog.

have a good day everyone!!!
lots of love


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Featured Artist - Dawn Kennedy-Welch/Majik horse

I started off making statement jewelry and life size carousel horses back in the 80′s under the name Artemis. My jewelry was carried in Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel in NYC, as well as small shops in the East Village. It was an exciting time that led to opening kiosks in malls in NY and NJ. Then in 1999 I opened my first retail location in New Hope Pa., and then another in 2004. Then we opened in Woodstock NY in 2006. I love to create a mood that is mysterious or that makes someone happy and able to forget their troubles in some way with anything that I make. I did that with my retail shops as best as I could as well by combining art, music, lighting, color and atmosphere, I always wanted to help make the world a better place in some way, I hope one day to be able to do much more! The shops are but a memory now, but I have a feeling that one day their doors will be open again.

I sell reconstructed vintage storybook coats, doily and lace dresses, macrame owl handbags, and vintage fashion.

God and the spiritual, dreams, kind, giving people, my horses, all animals, nature, music, dance and art. And my parents, who supported every crazy idea that I ever had since I was a little girl.

Handmade is what you can convey that comes from your heart through your mediums, whatever they may be. Bringing a smile to someone through something inspired from your heart's intentions, that is the best feeling in the world to me.

Pieces of Art:

Shop videos links:

Dawn Kennedy-Welch

Monday, September 10, 2012

featured Artist - Dena Miller / Milady Leela

Hi, I am Dena.  I am a self taught Artist who has been creating art for many years. I began sharing my work at shows and events then finally in 2009, decided to team up with Etsy by opening The Milady Leela Boutique.  The name of my Etsy Boutique came from my love for the Renaissance Era and my sweet Cat Leela whom I always called  " Milady".  In 2011, Leela passed away.  She was with me for 15 years and was a true treasure.  I have to say that she truly had a human soul and no other will ever be like her.  She brought such joy to me and my family with her loving ways and unique personality.  After Leela had passed, I was so glad that I had decided to name my Etsy Boutique after her.  
Recently, I was selected to be featured in a local Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Newspaper, “The Pittsburgh Post Gazette”. The article was in regard to the work I do on YouTube.  You can read the article here:
I specialize in Faery Wings, Whimsical Treasures and Jewelry but also in the Boutique you will occasionally find an eclectic mix such as Stationary, Perfume Oils, Potpourri and Wearable's, featuring hats, tutu's, headbands and a few other surprises.  I welcome you to stop back often to find your perfect special treasure. All of my pieces are created with a romantic and vintage vibe that entwines my love of having a gypsy spirit into my work which provids a touch of bohemian chic.   
To me, the meaning of handmade is important to me. I need to be creative! My soul would not be happy any other way! To create something hand-made is my passion but it is my ultimate joy to create something that someone else truly loves and cannot live without.
Also I believe that “The beauty of something made with one’s own hands becomes a treasure that is timeless”.~~Dena K. Miller
I find inspiration from Nature around me, whether it be a beautiful flower or a newly spun spider web. I also am inspired by my a few important people. 
 My Mom inspires me for her perseverance to press on in life.  My Dad, for his entrepreneurial spirit, abilities and confidence that dreams can and will come true no matter what your age and the confidence love and support that he and my Mom gave to me growing up. Finally, my Husband who always believes in me and gives his constant love and support in everything that I believe in.

Piece of Arts:

You can find my Etsy Boutique here:
Also feel free to visit me @ for links to my YouTube, FaceBook ,Twitter and The Enchanting World Of Milady Leela Blog.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Love

It's been a while since I wrote my last post. I am not writing for about 2 weeks because we have project entitled "Featured Artist" so we ask them write about their background, inspiration, the meaning of handmade arts for them and of course their piece of arts.

Well September is now coming up. I am a little bit sad because Liem is going to leave me for a while. he got a scholarship to australia which is good for our future. Just realize how hard it will be without him around, but I'm sure it won't be long. 

So just let's face it and move on, keep creative and it will be good at the and. So we spend most of our time together now, just eating in our favorite cafe, chat along, taking picture. He loves photography. he share it in his BLOG. here are some of his photograph that I really really love:

and also my picture, most are taken by him:

Featured Artist - Tatiana / The Mirey Boutique

My name is Tatiana. 

I have Master of Architecture Degree and Degree in Landscape Architecture. 
I also graduated from the Sogetsu school of ikebana of Japan.
Art and fashion has always been my passion and I decided to create my first jewelry collection.

The inspiration of my jewelry come in my mind from French Romanticism. 
Romantic, Shabby Chic, Fragile and Dreamy - major elements that are dedicated to integrate into my designs. 

I've a love for beautiful fabrics, fine laces, swarovski crystal, pearls, vintage jewelry which you will find incorporated into my designs.
For jewelry I use only the highest quality parts and accessories. Only Handmade.

Unique and exciting jewelry to make you shine for everyday! 

Because a lot of people likes my jewelry I decided to open a shop on ETSY

I believe that each girl should deserve her “one of a kind” jewelry, and hope you can find yours in my shop!

If you find extraordinary and personal jewelry, this is definitely the right place where you can shop for your wedding or special occasion. 

Pieces of arts

Featured Artist - Mess

Our team is consisted of Spyros Athanassopoulos (Graphic – Web designer, Amateur Photographer), Sofia Kitsopoulou (Beautician) and Irene Kitsopoulou (Event Manager). 

Mess is our effort to creatively make the best of our spare time apart from the job that each of us already has. Someone can find in our shop posters, photos, tobacco pouches, sandals, coasters, wedding invitations, iphone cases. Everything is designed by us and we will keep creating since we are full of new ideas!!!

Handmade art is really significant in our daily life since it gives you pleasure creating and finding unique items made by artists and not identical products made by machines.

People that create and make everything in their lives with real taste and have adopted a joyful attitude are the ones that inspire us in life.

 Pieces of arts

Link to my Shops:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Featured Artist - Corina Alulquoy Brown / Wild and free Jewelry

Hi Mira, 

My name is Corina Alulquoy Brown, I'm 20 years old and am from Santa Barbara, California. I'm currently studying to receive a degree in Anthropology, but my main passions are photography and design, both of which I plan to pursue fully after I graduate. Recently, Wild & Free has become my main focus in life and I hope to watch it continue to grow and evolve in the future. Nothing would make me happier than to keep creating custom designs for many years to come. 

I've always been inspired by Henry David Thoreau's words, "all good things are wild and free." Since I started designing jewelry, Thoreau's words have been at the heart of the concept of my Etsy shop and designs. I strive to create one of a kind pieces that reflect a connection to nature and a free spirit, disconnected from the industrialization and judgment of society.

Wild & Free started in January 2011 with a small selection of one of a kind feather necklaces on a suede cord. My first item on Etsy sold within a few days ( and from that point on Wild & Free has continued to evolve to offer earrings, feather headdresses, flower crowns and vintage reconstructed boots.

I create, design, photograph, and occasionally model, all of the designs myself, and I would love to stay this connected to the business for as long as possible. 

I think handmade art has a very personal and sentimental aspect to it. I love the idea that when a customer receives an item, they know it was made with love and care by my hands, rather than originating from a distant country or an unknown source. I feel that this handmade aspect is a crucial component to what Wild & Free is all about and, like many other Etsy shops, it's what makes it special in comparison to the majority of the fashion world. 

I think my main inspiration rests on my family. My parents were married by a Chumash chief and when I was growing up I was heavily influenced by the Chumash culture. My middle name is Chumash for "dolphin" and although I am not Native American by blood, I feel as though their ideology is ingrained into my identity on a cultural level. I remember participating in Chumash pow-wows when I was a child and being mesmerized by their headdresses and colorful artwork. Above all else, I draw my inspiration from these memories, coupled with the desire to provide one of a kind items that embody a desire to live wild and be free. 

Of couse, I have a few major inspirations in the fashion realm as well, which include Spell (, Sugarhigh + Lovestoned ( and of course, Free People ( 

I'm obsessed with photography, so taking photos is one of my favorite things when it comes to listing an item on Etsy. I love overlaying photos with images of deserts, galaxies or colorful paintings, and I usually heavily saturate anything colorful in the photograph. I plan to complete my degree in Photography after I finish Anthropology in the Spring. 

The link to my etsy shop, FB shop, website, or other page I have

Instagram: @wildandfreejewelry

Piece of Art

I also just opened another Etsy shop if you would be interested in adding that at the end of your feature. The inventory is a little minimal right now but it will be fully stocked in the next couple of weeks. It's called Coyote Canyon and will be focusing on taking vintage clothing and making it new and exciting for modern day fashion. ---> 

Instagram: @coyotecanyon

xox Corina

Featured artist - Lindsay Holt / Gypsy Rebel jewelry

My name is Lindsay, I am the creatrix behind Gypsy Rebel jewelry and adornments. I have always been creating things because I love crafting and art. When I was younger I would dismantle my own jewelry and re-assemble it to fit my liking. It has now become a full fledge addiction! If I don’t create, I get cranky.

Gypsy Rebel is for the wild at heart, the free spirited, the mystical and magical. The items in my shop reflect my mood, the seasons and my soul. 

There is heart and soul in anything handcrafted. I like to think of it as heart-crafted. The intention, detail and time it takes to make anything with your hands is a beautiful. There is so much instant gratification in today’s world, its nice to see crafters that still take time to make their goods.

My Inspiration in life is My mother, she is a textiles artist. She has the most amazing imagination. Growing up my home was filled with color and make-believe. I hope to an inspiration like that for my own children.

The link to my etsy shop, FB shop, and blog:

Pieces of Art:


Thank you!

Lindsay Holt

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured Artist

Dear all,
Welcoming September I have a great Idea to have a featured artist in this blog to share their wonderful arts and also talk about their life a little bit. It will bring an inspiration for us for sure.

So without any further due I announce our new space entitled "Featured Artist". Enjoy and learn something from their experiences.

      Picture by: Rain (


Featured Artist - LangLea ladies jewelry

LangLea Ladies Jewelry is a collaboration of the artists Stephanie Langlais Baker, of Indiana and Linda Leach, of Maine. Linda has recently added the art of forged metal jewelry to her 25 years of working with beads and polymer clay. Stef’s recent studies in hand blown glass beads have strengthened years of working with melted glass. Together they create unique pieces of jewelry designed for today’s artistic eye. 

Linda and Stephanie both agree that handmade art is important to future generations. We would hope to inspire others to create artistic works in whatever medium they enjoy.

We both take inspiration in life from all of those around us, in different ways. Another joined inspiration is Van Gogh with his use of color and color movement. Stephanie has an additional inspiration of Matisse. 

Piece of Art:

The etsy, websites and fb pages are as follows: