Sunday, August 18, 2013

Funding our company

This week is the busiest time for our business.  We finally can set up our own website, There are still many things to do but at least we have a website to represent our company.  For us liemira handmade represent our identity and our passion. I and my future husband have big dream to be able to run our own business. If we success it means we can afford money for our life and we can live better.  Hopefully it can happen soon, we actually opened shop in etsy and ebay to promote our handmade products.

The most difficult part on our business I think is Marketing our product. The next difficulty would be how to get funding for our work. These days we are using our private saving but in the future we need to think how to expand our business with help from bank or maybe financial institution.

Talking about funding, several months ago, one of my friends recommends us the best idea for funding our business.  She told us that she tried to contact many banks in my country. Starting from small bank to big bank but like several facts in our life, she was failed to get the loan. The reasons are simple she need to provide collateral for her loan asking. Then after did a little research, finally she get a great solution for her funding problem, she applied for merchant cash advance.

I am so interested about that and to be honest it was my first time to hear the term. Well, I won’t talk a lot about the term but the main idea of merchant cast advance is a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of future credit card and/or debit card sales. The good thing about the merchant cash advance is that you can get money for your business without the costly fees and strict qualifications of bank loans. These I think those are the significant differences between merchant cash advance and bank loans. For me, it is a nice idea to generate Capital for Merchants. Merchants like us definitely need them to provide low risk funding.

So, we tried to browse information on the internet and we found interesting information that the merchant cash advance is ideal for many industries start from restaurant, bars, beauty salons, shops, retail stores and including handmade production like ours. Well it sounds great for us. So we decided to explore further about  who are the providers offer this kind of funding.

Actually, we found many providers but we narrowed our choice to several providers such as,,

These four providers are good but after we compared we found that capital is the best. The reason is because they provide quicker and easier application and quite fast approval than other providers. We can get funding within 72 hours and low rates compared to others.

Anyway, the best things why we consider capital for merchants are they offer no start up fees, no any monthly bill and no personal liability. While, my husband personally likes this capital for merchant because they have better service and offer friendly customer service than other provider. For us, these positive things about capital merchant shows us that they are more trustworthy than others.

This is our story about funding our business. Hopefully, helping you fund your business. You may have different experience and if you want to share your experience contact us and we can upload in our blog. Searching funding sometimes is hard thing for entrepreneurs and information is the important thing. This quote can make you feel relieve that you are not alone: “Coppola has problems getting financing, so why should I not have problems getting financing”.

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