Monday, September 10, 2012

featured Artist - Dena Miller / Milady Leela

Hi, I am Dena.  I am a self taught Artist who has been creating art for many years. I began sharing my work at shows and events then finally in 2009, decided to team up with Etsy by opening The Milady Leela Boutique.  The name of my Etsy Boutique came from my love for the Renaissance Era and my sweet Cat Leela whom I always called  " Milady".  In 2011, Leela passed away.  She was with me for 15 years and was a true treasure.  I have to say that she truly had a human soul and no other will ever be like her.  She brought such joy to me and my family with her loving ways and unique personality.  After Leela had passed, I was so glad that I had decided to name my Etsy Boutique after her.  
Recently, I was selected to be featured in a local Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Newspaper, “The Pittsburgh Post Gazette”. The article was in regard to the work I do on YouTube.  You can read the article here:
I specialize in Faery Wings, Whimsical Treasures and Jewelry but also in the Boutique you will occasionally find an eclectic mix such as Stationary, Perfume Oils, Potpourri and Wearable's, featuring hats, tutu's, headbands and a few other surprises.  I welcome you to stop back often to find your perfect special treasure. All of my pieces are created with a romantic and vintage vibe that entwines my love of having a gypsy spirit into my work which provids a touch of bohemian chic.   
To me, the meaning of handmade is important to me. I need to be creative! My soul would not be happy any other way! To create something hand-made is my passion but it is my ultimate joy to create something that someone else truly loves and cannot live without.
Also I believe that “The beauty of something made with one’s own hands becomes a treasure that is timeless”.~~Dena K. Miller
I find inspiration from Nature around me, whether it be a beautiful flower or a newly spun spider web. I also am inspired by my a few important people. 
 My Mom inspires me for her perseverance to press on in life.  My Dad, for his entrepreneurial spirit, abilities and confidence that dreams can and will come true no matter what your age and the confidence love and support that he and my Mom gave to me growing up. Finally, my Husband who always believes in me and gives his constant love and support in everything that I believe in.

Piece of Arts:

You can find my Etsy Boutique here:
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  1. Mira,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity to be a Featured Artist on your Blog♥
    I really appreciate your interest in me!


  2. Nice work to be chosen as a featured artist. I enjoyed reading of your spotlight as well as the Post Gazette article.