Saturday, September 1, 2012

Featured Artist - Clair Ashley

Hi Mira!

I'm Clair Ashley and I'm a proud prairie girl from Saskatchewan. Our vast blue skies and lush farmland are so inspiring.
This journey started, because of an obsession to create a matryoshka necklace to my own liking {I was introduced to the dolls at a young age, because of my Ukrainian heritage, it thus created a hunger to collect anything matryoshka! }. I made the necklace and it turned out beautifully. I realized how much I enjoyed making it, so I further went on to experiment with many different mediums and I can finally say I’ve found what embodies me. When I'm not making jewelry, I keep busy with being a wife and stay-at-home Mom to my 2 young children. 

I make casual cool geometric jewelry.

I love making things out of my bare hands. It's liberating. I feel like I'm being creative in its most intimate form.

Who is my inspiration in life?
I would have to say my Husband Brad and my Father-in-Law, Cam. They're the most creative people I know. They know how to make anything. They truly amaze me, because they chased after their creative dreams when everyone said do something else. Yet, that didn't deter them, they pushed to achieve their goals.

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Clair Ashley

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