Friday, September 7, 2012

Featured artist - Lindsay Holt / Gypsy Rebel jewelry

My name is Lindsay, I am the creatrix behind Gypsy Rebel jewelry and adornments. I have always been creating things because I love crafting and art. When I was younger I would dismantle my own jewelry and re-assemble it to fit my liking. It has now become a full fledge addiction! If I don’t create, I get cranky.

Gypsy Rebel is for the wild at heart, the free spirited, the mystical and magical. The items in my shop reflect my mood, the seasons and my soul. 

There is heart and soul in anything handcrafted. I like to think of it as heart-crafted. The intention, detail and time it takes to make anything with your hands is a beautiful. There is so much instant gratification in today’s world, its nice to see crafters that still take time to make their goods.

My Inspiration in life is My mother, she is a textiles artist. She has the most amazing imagination. Growing up my home was filled with color and make-believe. I hope to an inspiration like that for my own children.

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Lindsay Holt

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