Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured Artist - SydneyAnn Malain/The Backwards Owl

I live in Redding, CA in the United states. I am currently working as a Make-up Artist for M.A.C cosmetics. I started my shop to occupy my time while my husband and I were dating because he lived in another city. Now I'm making hairpieces inspired by my bow I wore in my hair for our wedding. I am also currently taking a fashion design program to hopefully bring new inventory and products to my shop.

TheBackwardsOwl is a shop made for "girls who do things their own way". A statement about taking fashion trends and making them your own and being fashionable but still being unique. Our headbands are trendy and hip with some rustic-vintage inspiration hints here-and-there.

Handmade art is something made with passion and quality behind it. It lets you get to know the designer without ever meeting them because they speak through their work.

My inspiration is my husband, he is always encouraging me to try new things in my shop. He is my biggest fan!

The link to my etsy shop, FB shop, website, and other page:

pieces of Art:


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