Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured Artist - LangLea ladies jewelry

LangLea Ladies Jewelry is a collaboration of the artists Stephanie Langlais Baker, of Indiana and Linda Leach, of Maine. Linda has recently added the art of forged metal jewelry to her 25 years of working with beads and polymer clay. Stef’s recent studies in hand blown glass beads have strengthened years of working with melted glass. Together they create unique pieces of jewelry designed for today’s artistic eye. 

Linda and Stephanie both agree that handmade art is important to future generations. We would hope to inspire others to create artistic works in whatever medium they enjoy.

We both take inspiration in life from all of those around us, in different ways. Another joined inspiration is Van Gogh with his use of color and color movement. Stephanie has an additional inspiration of Matisse. 

Piece of Art:

The etsy, websites and fb pages are as follows:

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